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TMI started in the consulting business.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the direct marketing industry and our experience with companies utilizing the best practices.  We have helped companies develop innovative solutions to achieve a breakthroughs in response and new markets. 

We recognize you have the expertise in your products and services.  We become part of your team.  Together we can develop a efficient, responsive, and intuitive solution. 

We have designed, developed, implemented, and maintained marketing databases for some of the top companies in the country.  We have helped make decisions on developing solutions in-house and outsourcing.

Alterian Marketing Suite (AMS)

Extensive expertise in DDV, Campaign Manager, Selection Planner, Analytical Reporting, AMC, and iLoader.  Additional experience in automating load process and reporting.

TMI also provides custom Alterian training.  The examples and exercises relate directly to your data and workflow.