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Software  Database and analysis software including Alterian, Oracle, Sybase, MS Access, Fast-Count DBMS, SAS, SPSS, and MapInfo.

 Expertise  TMI has designed and implemented marketing databases for  Fortune 500 companies in the retail, catalog,  insurance, financial, automotive, and utility industries.

 Design  TMI facilitates your company experts in designing your marketing database.  The experts understand how your  company works and its needs.  The marketing database is designed for flexibility, speed and ease of use.

Analysis  Collect and augment response and sales data.  Develop predictive models and create best customer profiles.  Perform “what if” analysis for campaigns.

 Automate  Automated response/fulfillment process.  Set the rules for event triggers that automatically send a time sensitive solicitation.  Integration with email, personalized loyalty web site, and capture of web surveys.

 Loyalty Program  Capture points for loyalty program and send statements. 

 Campaign Management  Flexibility is the key to automating campaign management.  Standardize as many processes possible and build in the options for the deviations.