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Fast-Count® DBMS 

Fast-Count is a high speed marketing database and decision support tool designed especially to meet the needs of companies with large marketing  databases.  Recognizing that the marketing environment is rapidly changing, Fast-Count is extremely flexible in modifying the database structure and adding additional data.

Fast Results

Fast-Count is optimized for very large volumes of data and delivers results in seconds with no practical limits to the size of database.  Current databases range in size from 3 to 800 gigabytes.  Databases exist with 1.6 billion records, tables with 5,000 fields, and 225 million rows in 1 table.  Fast-Count can read up to 18 million records a second.  This enables users to perform “what if” analysis quickly and undertake a more thorough exploration of the data.


User Friendly Access

There are 125+ Ad-Hoc Windows which support a rich set of interactive functions for database marketing. The system has flexible queries with full Boolean logic, a variety of reports for analysis, retention, cross-sell, etc.   The system also allows for promotion tracking, segmentation, scoring, splits, key coding, storage and analysis of campaign data, and extraction for promotions and modeling.

GUI Customization

This system can be tailored to meet specific requirements.  Customized windows can be built for frequently repeated tasks as well as infrequent and casual users.  Customized reports can be set up and automatically generated. 



Campaign Management

Campaign management functions allow for creation of one or more cells, conditions, inclusions, exclusions, primary codes, de-duplicate cells, secondary codes for test and control, n-way, random and segmented splits.  You can also maintain compete promotional history, create promo-time snap shots for tracking/modeling, track customer segments.  As well as perform keycode analysis, response analysis, and performance analysis.


Less Disk

It is easy to administer the Fast-Count database.  Most optimization is performed automatically with no tuning necessary.  Fast-Count uses advanced compression methodologies to achieve this exceptional speed and it delivers stellar performance on ordinary Unix computers.   Typical RDBM’s use three to five times more disk space than Fast-Count..


Integration of Desktop Applications

Name extraction for promotions can include any kind of output file format and the file layout can be automatically generated.  Data extraction is easily accomplished for modeling, SAS, SPSS, MS Excel and Mapinfo.  These tools help in developing  contact management strategies with  optimal product assignment.


User Empowered


The main data is stored in the system area which is shared by all users with read only access.  Each user has a user data area that is not shared.  Users can create derived fields, load their own data into tables, and add, modify, and delete anything in their area.  Users have full database administrator authority in their area.  Derived fields include, numerical fields (score, age, average payment), date fields (cut off date for eligibility); alpha field (substrings of key codes), bands (on age, income, amount), segmentation and scoring, behavioral and demographic segments, RFM cells and reports, regression scores, dummy variable, percentiles, and weighted percentiles.


The Fast-Count BaseStation comes ready to use right out of the box.  The IBM Unix server is pre-configured with user login accounts, network enabled, and Fast-Count DBMS.  Custom and predefined configurations from 1 to 200 Gigabytes are available.  


TMI has the expertise to configure and setup your standalone analysis server.  TMI has over 8 years of detailed Fast-Count experience.  By using TMI’s BaseStation you will receive;


·          Fast-Count programming support

·          Fast-Count administration support

·          UNIX hardware and software support

·          Fast-Count user and administration training

·          Help desk

·          Setup and installation


IBM UNIX Server advantages;

·          Rapid expansion of database capacity and transaction volumes

·          Significant cost reduction through  workload consolidation and centralized management

·          World-class reliability, availability, and serviceability for continuous access to data and applications

·          Superior technology and performance at the right price