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TMI’s customized training will enhance the productivity of your marketing staff.


TMI customizes each training program with your database and your exercises.  The students relate better by using practical application to their work environment.  This increases interest when they see the value the tool can bring to their job.  TMI recognizes that learning a new tool can be stressful, so TMI makes it exciting and enjoyable.


Fast–Count Beginner


Within the first two hours of training, you will be querying your data and producing adhoc reports.  You will understand the internal structure of Fast-Count and why it is truly optimized for your direct marketing needs.  This session is customized to our database and emphasizes hands-on exercises to make you comfortable with both the application and your data.  After completion of this course, you will be able to perform adhoc analysis, join data between table, summarize information, select sample groups, create additional fields using numerical expressions, export data to spreadsheets, and look at the raw data.


Fast–Count Intermediate 


This course is for the users who will be performing complex analysis and producing customized reports.  This session is designed around your database and your marketing needs.  You will create multi-column reports, range variables, assign codes, use look up table, understands relationships, upload and download files, create and load your own tables from a spreadsheet, and save/rerun your code.



Fast–Count Advanced


After this course, you will have a good foundation for developing automated programs.  You will use programming commands for looping, reading input files, and outputting .  You will know all the FCL commands, develop new commands, use variable, utilized the UNIX environment, and understand design and efficiency consideration.  This is a great way to begin developing a direct marketing selection system.




Fast-Count Easy Access User-Interface Language (UIL)


You will learn how to use UIL to develop FCEA applications quickly and effectively, customize access to database information, create new menu options, validate user input before execution, retain previous field input, update the local database image and implement the new applications across your organization.  This class requires each student to develop at least two customized windows for their company. 

Prerequisite: Fast-Count Advanced




Fast-Count Administrator   


This is the detailed class for the person responsible for loading the database and performing routine maintenance.  You will learn basic UNIX commands, understand the directory structure and environment variables, define and load table using DLD, construct post load processes, and run FCE in command and batch modes.




Fast-Count for Unix Administrators


This is a high level overview class for your companies Unix Administrator.  An overview of the Fast-Count DBMS’ client/server technology, communications, internal structure, and loading process will give the administrator great insight into the impact of the application on the Unix system.  Performance tuning topics include;  directory structure,  internal and external disk drives, memory, RAID, backups, and  user and system I/O.