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Address Standardization

Addresses are converted and standardized to the latest United States Postal Service standards.  Address components are standardized, including street prefix, street suffix, directional and secondary address fields.  Zip Codes, Zip+4, Carrier Routes, and Delivery Point Bar Coding are assigned, corrected or enhanced.  A 3553 CASS report is provided to allow for postal discounts to be applied in mailings. 

Standardize and enhance international address data for over 190 countries.  Generate all required USPS, CPC, and Australia Post reports.

National Change of Address

NCOA service is provided to identify customers who have moved.  Records matching to the USPS National Change of Address database are returned with the new address, identified as an individual, family or business move and move date provided.  Use of the USPS NCOA process helps to ensure the mail piece is delivered to the targeted customer.  An average of 20% of the population moves annually.

Merge Purge System

Record linking and duplicate identification is customized to a client’s set of business rules.  Records are linked using traditional name address as well as a key numeric link, such as Phone, Account Number, etc.  This allows our clients to test and validate any combination of linking rules to create potential duplicate groups for consolidation.  The number of identified duplicate sets are maximized, while minimizing the number of unmatched records.  Using Postal Soft de-dupe software with customized client record linking rules, results in a clean consolidated file, and enhances the effectiveness of all mail campaigns.

Postal Presort

Presort schemes for USPS First-Class Mail, Periodicals, Standard A, and Standard B Mail, plus Canada Post Corporation (CPC) Lettermail, Admail, and Publication mail classes, as well as Australia Post Presort Letters Service

Data Quality

Parse name and title components

Advanced firm parsing

Assign gender codes

Data enhancement

Add valuable information to your file including telephone, demographic, behavioral, residential, and credit history.


Direct Marketing Association (DMA)   mail and phone preference

Mandatory State do not phone suppression: Alaska, Arkansas,  Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, New York, Oregon, and Tennessee

Prison - adult, juvenile, federal, state, county, city institutions

Modeling scoring, Segmenting, Keycoding, and Mail File Creation

The file is analyzed to determine logical segments (age, income, ethnic background, etc).  Each record is coded with their segment and the creative piece they are to receive.  The mail file is created with name, address, and segmentation codes.  Scoring model can be applied.  A history file is created so it can be matched back to the future response file.